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Timeless Beauty

Designed to delight with the refreshing beauty of natural flowers, the faux bouquets of Les Fleurs by Ella Gorbo are a timeless decor solution to any occasion. While the know-how coating protects the flowers from the impact of water or sunlight, the finest silk materials recreate the delicacy and rich colors of natural blossoms, making Les Fleurs bouquets an astonishing and more practical alternative to natural flowers. 

Fantaisie Bleue Grand

690,00 €Price

    This confident monochromatic faux bouquet of hydrangea in deep blue will bring style to any space and interior. Highlighted in white, the refreshing blossoms of Fantaisie Bleue make an exquisite addition to your decor finishing. 

    The impressive size of Fantaisie Bleue Grande turns this bouquet into a statement decor piece, which can be accompanied by smaller flower arrangements or impress and delight on its own. 

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